Romantic Classical Music: From Beethoven to Hanson.

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Scott R. Harrington's Classical Music Homepage.

My Favorite Romantic Composers.

1.     Ludwig van Beethoven.

I like Beethoven  Symphony number seven (7),

Symphony number 6 (six) and symphony number 9 (nine).


2.    Franz Schubert.

3.   Felix Mendelssohn.

4.  Robert Schumann.

5.  Johannes Brahms.

I like Brahms Symphony number 1 (one)

and Symphony number four (4).


6.  Edvard Hagerup Grieg.

I like Grieg's Piano Concerto,

Grieg's Peer Gynt Suites,  his Symphonic Dances and his Norwegian Dances.


7.  Sergei Rachmaninov.

I like Rachmaninov Symphony Number 3 (three),  Rachmaninov Piano Concerto Number 2,  Piano Concerto Number 3, Piano Concerto number 4.


8.  Jean Sibelius.

I like Jean Sibelius'  Violin Concerto,

Sibelius'  Symphony Number 1, Symphony Number 2,  Symphony Number 5,  Symphony Number 6,  and Karelia Suite and Karelia Overture.  And The Swan of Tuonela.


9.  Gustav Mahler.

I like Mahler's Symphony Number 1,  Symphony Number 5,  Symphony Number 10 (incomplete).


10.  Howard Hanson.

I like Hanson's Piano Concerto in G, and

Hanson's Symphony Number 1,  Symphony Number 2.












Romantic Composers.

1.   Jean Sibelius (1865-1957).

2.   Edvard Hagerup Grieg


3.   Sergei Rachmaninov





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