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My cat Milo.
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Eji Gayehu Letik, my friend.

How my faith shapes the way I live my life...

Beliefs express themselves in all aspects of a person's life. I'll use this page to describe how my own convictions have influenced my life and how they shape my daily activities.

For instance, I might describe how my belief system has inspired me to live each day to a better promise; and to do my daily work with joy. Or I might talk about how my relationship with my friends has benefited from my beliefs.

Eji Gayehu Letik, Ethiopian coffee ceremony, etc.
Here are some pictures of my friend Eji Letik.

Here are two photos of my friend Eji Letik in Ethiopia.

Here I might include a link to an organization for which I do volunteer work or that otherwise helps me find a way to act on my beliefs.